Watch the Past Shows and Talks Of a Notable Entertainer

Rich perform in crowd

Stage Shows

Rich has performed his stage show in clubs around the world: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Hollywood, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, and on Broadway in New York City. With his assistant Twila Zone, Rich performs many of the classic stage effects with a hilarious twist. Many magicians perform the Hindu Basket illusion, but only Twila sprays the audience after the effect. Other magicians have performed the Hand Thru Body; the magician reaches through the assistant’s body from behind and removes an object from a tray the assistant is holding. But when Rich performs it, he removes his assistant’s heart. All of the effects Rich performs have his unique, hilarious, and unduplicatable touch.

Keynote Speaker

We’ve all heard them. They get you pumped up. They get you psyched up. You’ll show the world. You can do it. But do what? Back to work on Monday, and it’s the same old, same old. Rich has a different approach that gets results. It’s not so much what you do; it’s what you don’t do. Quit making mistakes. And while most of us do learn from our own mistakes, it’s much better if we can learn from other people’s mistakes. That’s what Rich’s Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People is all about. Presented in a hilarious manner, Rich presents seven things that get in the way of productivity and success on the job. Eliminate them, and you are bound to be more successful and productive.

Rich the magician

Trade Shows

Let Rich Break the Ice
Many magicians work trade shows, and so does Rich, but he offers something extra. A guaranteed connection. He will connect you with the buyer you want to meet.

No connection? No fee!

Here’s a Trick Worth a Million Bucks

“No way.” That’s what Richard P. Noble, President of IBK Software, thought until he met Rich Marotta. As Noble tells it, “I’d been trying to meet an important client for a long time, but had no success. Then I met Rich Marotta, THE BEST MAGICIAN in New York City. He told me he could put me together with any potential customer I wanted. Skeptical, I told him who I wanted to meet.

Five minutes later, the client approached me. Somehow, I had the missing piece to Rich’s card trick. The client and I began talking about how this was possible. This initial meeting started a business relationship that has generated over one million dollars. So, as far as I am concerned, Rich Marotta’s card trick was worth a million dollars.

Thanks, Rich.”